Leospring Atomic Power

Litter sister to Leospring Atomic Lad   Born 28.4.07    Hips 5.4 Elbows 0.0

DNA CNM clear/normal and Optigen clear by parentage

Field Trial, working Test and show awards

We also have a black daughter from her Leospring Rapid Reaction (Rea) by Cerbora Red Rum of Leospring.

Sadly, we had Power spayed in 2011 due to a pyometra she now lives with a lovely family in a companion working home in East Sussex

Power Power at SEGs KSSLAB 408-No.214 Chatsworth ~Wales 004 Chatsworth ~Wales 004

Photo right.  Power in the Kent Surrey and Sussex Labrador Club team at the 2011 Chatsworth national team event where we came 5th with Wendy Glue and Shirley Carew