My bitch has been DNA tested as a carrier or affected for a certain condition or I want to use a dog that is a carrier or affected for a certain condition.  What do you think?



It is important that the Labrador Gene pool is not made too small by excluding DNA tested carriers (or with some conditions affecteds) from the breeding stock.  However, if mating to a carrier or affected for any DNA tested condition the other partner must be tested clear for the condition.  No affected puppies will be produced but some may/will be carriers.  Therefore, any puppies should be registered with the Kennel Club with a "Progeny not eligible for breeding" endorsement.  This endorsement can later be lifted by the breeder of the puppies by contacting the Kennel Club with this request.  This should be done after the puppy has been DNA tested for the condition in question and either be clear or the owner understands that if they wish to breed it must be to a dog/bitch tested clear for the condition.  For details of organisations carrying out the various tests see the links page. The terms of the endorsement should be explained in the puppies' contracts of sale.



How can I tell what coat colour genes my labrador is carrying?



If your labrador is black it could also be carrying genes for other colours e.g. yellow or chocolate/liver.  If it is important for you to know what colour your dog is carrying.  For example, you only want certain coloured puppies. You can find this out by a DNA test (click the following link for details).  


If your Labrador is yellow then it is a recessive and if mated to another yellow will only produce yellow puppies. If mated to a black that also carries the yellow gene it can produce black and yellow puppies (on average 50% of each colour in a litter).  Puppies will not be of mixed colour only yellow or black.

If your Labrador is chocolate then it will normally only produce chocolate if mated to another chocolate labrador.

If your labrador is chocolate and mated to a black it might produce black puppies only or chocolate and black puppies if the black also carries chocolate.  Puppies will only be chocolate or black not of mixed colour.  

Th ability to express yellow can be hidden behind some chocolates and blacks.so occasionally, if this is present in both parents, yellow puppies can be produced. You can test for hidden or recessive genes (see link above) or you can just wait for natures surprise as coat colour is secondary to other important factors such as temperament and health.




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