Inherited diseases in the Labrador and tests available

Click on link for quick reference table of inherited diseases in the Labrador and testing availabe.  (Table by kind permission of Lynda Heron Brigburn Labradors)


The nature of genetics means that dogs can be carriers of diseases without them, or any of their known relatives or offspring, being knowingly affected.  Therefore responsible breeders want to know what, if any, diseases, they need to be aware of and seek to avoid in any breeding programme.  Without testing, no breeder can state that their lines are not affected.  It is therefore, for example, more responsible to mate a DNA carrier to DNA clear (or even affected for certain conditions) rather than carry out a mating where neither parent is tested.



For additional information.  See also Links page for companies carrying out tests and more information.  Also see FAQ on the breeding advice section.

Also see the Labrador Breed Council web site

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