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Leospring Bunty Choconuts Best Minor Puppy in Show LRC Open show November 2016 Best Puppy in Show KSS LRC open show January 2017 1st Junior bitch KSS LRC show September 2017


Leospring Binky Brown Nut 2nd Puppy Dog Welsh Labrador Retriever Club Championship show


Leospring Diva  2nd and guns choice Bristol and West Novice Field Trial after carrying out 4 good eyewipes from 5 retrieves.  Her first Trial.  3rd Herts Beds Bucks and Hants Novice trial.  1st UGS Hounds for Heroes open Charity Test 3rd Essex FT Soc Novice Trial Sept 2012, 2nd Southern Golden Retriever Club Oct 2012. 1st Labrador Retriever Club of Wales Novice Field Trial. COMs at HGS open trial and the Utility Gundog Society Finals and cup for best performance on a runner.


Leospring Atomic Lad

SHOW AWARDS 2nd Novice Cotswold and Wyvern LRc Champshow, 2nd Maiden URC Champ show and 4th Junior Paignton Champ show.  2nd Junior KSS LRC Open show.  3rd Undergraduate East Anglian LRC Championship show.  3rd Undergrad KSS Champ show 1st Crufts 2011 FT Dog 3rd Graduate and 2nd Special Working Dog Welsh Labrador Club. WORKING AWARDS 2nd Guildford Working Gundog Intermediate Test 23/5/10 4th Kintbury Gundog Club Novice 8.5.10,  4th Chiltern Gundog Club Novice 25.4.10, COM Kennet Valley Water Test 5.6.10  3rd East Anglian LRC Novice Field Trial 19.10.10


Cebora Red Rum of Leospring SHOW AWARDS Yellow Labrador Club 4th Puppy, 3rd Junior and 2nd Novice Kent Surrey and Sussex LRC Open show Sept 08 2nd Novice Welsh LRC Championship Show Feb 09 Reserve Best Dog Yellow LRC Open Show March 09.  4TH Grad Dog KSS Champ show 3rd BASC Labrador Dog Crufts 2011 BOB Horsham & District Canine Society March 11 2nd Special Working Labrador Retriever Club Championship Show. WORKING AWARDS 3rd HGS Puppy Test May 09, COM Lab Retriever Club Novice Water Test. 4th Isle of Wight Novice Test 2011 KC Working gundog Certificate on Game


Leospring Ascot (Ch Carpenny Anchorman X Colhook Kalinka of Leospring) WORKING AWARDS Certificate of Merit HBBH & Oxon Novice Field Trial 4th Hampshire Gundog Society puppy test July 09, 4th Isle of Wight Gundog Club novice test. Feb 2011  KC Working Gundog Certificate on Game.  Ran off for 1st place UGS Hounds for Heroes Charity Working Test 3rd Kennet Valley Novice Test, 4th URC Novice Test, 2nd Isle of Wight Novice test (All these 3 tests with over 40 runners).SHOW AWARDS 3rd  Minor Puppy Dog West of England Labrador Retriever Club Championship show and qualified for Crufts at his first show.  His sister Leospring Aubrey got out in the cut in Minor Puppy bitch.  Ascot also went Best Puppy Dog and Best Minor Puppy at the Labrador Retriever Club Open show Nov 08.  Made the cut at Crufts and then requalified a day later at the East Anglian LRC Championship show with 2nd in Puppy.  3rd Junior Southern Counties Championship Show 09. 3RD Midland Counties Champ show Yearling 4/10, 3rd KSS Champ Show Yearling 3/10 2ND Undergrad East Anglian LRC Champ show 4/10  1st Under Grad URC Championship Show 2010 4th Crufts Undergrad dog 2011.  1st Graduate Dog Birmingham National Championship Show. 1st Under Grad Horsham & Dist. 4th Post Graduate East of England.and Windsor Championship shows. 1st Post Graduate Chertsye and Dist Open show   1st Crufts 2013 Field Trial Dog and KSS champshow


Carpenny Austin 2nd Graduate Dog Yellow LRC 26.3.08

1st Graduate Dog Birmingham National Championship show 7.5.08

4th Post Grauate Dog Cotswold and Wyvern LRC Championship show 9.7.08 2nd Post Graduate dog KSS LRC open show.  Made the cut at Crufts and next day 4th in a very good Post Grad Class at East Anglian LRC Championship Show. VHC Limit class East Anglian Championship Show 3/10 1st Limit dog KSS open show 2/10 2nd Post Grad EA LRC Open show 11/09  2nd Post Graduate East of England 2011 Crufts 2011 made the cut in Post Grad.  Reserve Limit Dog Bournmouth Championship Show 2011


Hurstmeon Wild Bill Hickok of Leospring  Working awards KC Working Gundog Certificate on dummies & on game, COM HGS Novice water test.  Show Awards 1st and Best puppy Dog Windsor Championship Show, 2nd East of England, 3rd Labrador Retriever Club and Southern counties Championship Shows.  VHC Bournmouth and KSS Championship shows.  2nd and VHC Crufts 2012 Yearling 2nd LRC Champ show, 2nd Cotw & Wye LRC Champ show, 2nd Three Counties champ show, 3rd Joint LRCs Champ show, 3rd National Gundogs champ show, Graduate 4th Richmond champ show, 1st KSS Open 1st South Wales KC champ show Crufts 2013 3rd Under Grad.  3rd Post Graduate Bath and Eastern Counties champ shows 2013.  Stud book number and 3rd Limit dog West of England Labrador Club Reserve Best Dog KSS Lab Club Open Show Feb 2014.  Ist Post Grad Dog Cotswold and Wyvern LRC Open show


Leospring Rapid Reaction  Working 1st Wiltshire puppy 2 test 16 months to 24 months of age June 2011, COM Hampshire Gundog Society Puppy Test, 4th Kennet Valley gundog Society. 4th KSS LRC ND NH Test handled by our 10 year old grand-daughter Holly Mordle.  3rd KSS Novice Test 6/12 COMs both Utility SWS & Hants and Kesnt and ES Branches novice tests 2013 Show 1st KSS champshow special working bitch


Leospring Gold Gilli Working 4th Arun & Downland Puppy test 2013 Cof M LRC Novice Water Test 2nd GWGC Intermediate test (2016) 2nd Novice Test (2017) 3rd URC South and West Intermediate Working Test Working Gundog Certificate on Game and SGWC  Show  Crufts 2014 1st  HGS open Show Best of Breed, Richmond 3rd Post Grad Dog  West of England champ show 2nd Post Grad. 3rd Midland Counties champ show puppy dog, 1st Bath champshow Junior dog 5th Eastern Counties champ show junior dog.  Best in Show Cotswold and Wyvern Open Show Res Best Dog Yellow Labrador Club open show


Leospring Good onya Cobber Minor Puppy 2nd KSS LRC open Show 2nd South Wales KC Championship show


Colhook Teak at Leospring Show 3rd Puppy Richmond Championship Show 2013 and 2014 2 X 1st KSS Open show, 2nd LRC Open Show. Working 1st Kennet Valley Gundog Scoeity Puppy Test plus 3rd LRC Water Test, COMs Utility Gundog & Arun and Downland  4th Hampshire Gundog Society COM Novice test Arun and Downland 2017


Colhook Dancing Bay at Leospring 2nd Post Graduate West of England LRC 4th Cotswold and Wyvern Champ show.  2nd Pickers ups Class Crufts 2009 4th Open dog KSS Open show.  1st Open dog KSS LRC open show 9/09 2nd Post Grad South Wales KA Champ show 10/09 2nd Mid Limit Dog Crufts 2011


Oakingham Monarch of Leospring 1st EALRC All-aged stake, 4th KSS Open stake, 4th Essex FTS 2 day open Stake, 2nd Isle of Wight Open Working Test  24.2.08 3rd Labrador Retriever Club Open Water test 3.5.08

1st Kent Surrey and Sussex Labrador Club Veteran Test 5/08

1st Field Trial dog Cotswold and Wyvern Labrador Club Championship Show

2nd Open dog KSS LRC Open show 1/09

9.7.08 1st Guildford Working Gundog Society Veteran Test 09, 2nd KSS Veteran Test 09 3rd KSS Veteran test 10


Carpenny Arnie

7 X Field Trial awards, 3rd Kent Surrey and Sussex Labrador Club Veteran Test 5/08 3rd Guildford Working Gundog Club Veteran Test 09, 3rd KSS Veteran Test 09

His Brother Ch Carpenny Anchorman 4th KSS Veteran Test 09


Warringahs Kardella of Leospring made the last 7 in a very large graduate class at the Midland Counties LRC April 08 VHC in Post Grad at Cotswold and Wyvern LRC and Bounmouth Championship shows.  1st Special Working KSS LRC open show and 2nd Cotswold and Wyvern LRC Championship Show


Southridge Ajax of Leospring 2nd Isle of Wight Novice working test 24.2.08


Earl Harow of Leospring 1st Special Working Dog West of England LRC 1st Mid Limit Dog Leeds Championship show


Leospring Atomic Power WORKING AWARDS COM (Joint 3rd) at the Utility Gundog Society Puppy test 3RD Guildford Gundog Society Intermediate test 5/10

Cwertificate of Merit Leicester Gundog Society All-aged Field Trial 25.9.10 Member of the Chatsworth National Team event 5th placed team. 2nd KSS open show limited obedience  SHOW AWARDS 1st Novice bitch and 1st special working KSS Open Show Jan 09 2nd Crufts 2011 FT bitch


Thanks to all judges





Crufts 2013 1st Field Trial 3rd Undergraduate.  2012 3 X 2nds 1 X VHC (See Joy being interviewed at Crufts  Click on the link)

Crufts 2011 1st, 2 X 2nds, 3rd and 4th (See below)

CRUFTS 2011 1ST, 2 x 2NDs 3RD AND 4TH (See below)