Briwed Magic at Leospring  X  Leospring Zest

Hips 2.2 Elbows 0.0       DNA clear PRA CNM EIC SD2 and HPNK

Working Test and Championship Show awards

Magnet and mates

Leospring Magnolia yellow (centre) Brother Leospring Magnet Black (left) Uncle Leospring Zoom Black (right)

.Critique by Anne Taylor Fabraken (Thank you Anne)  "Venturi’s Leospring Magnolia. Yellow who caught my eye when she came into the ring. A really typical Labrador who is of a type we used to see, but rarely do today. Really appreciated her. Sweet expression and she looks you in the eye in a very genuine way. Go and look at her and you will see the type of head that is sadly lacking in the show Labrador today. Medium bone, good reach of neck and well angulated front and rear. Well sprung in rib and correct depth and proportion. Good length of loin being not too short. Moved with ease and gave a lovely picture in profile."