I am a qualified ultrasonographer and associate member of the Animal Ultrasound Association.  Confirmation of pregnancy can be carried out normally between 30 and 35 days after the first mating.  This can be carried out either here or in your own home or venue subject to an additional charge for travel time and expenses.  Ultrasound is the method of choice for confirmation of a viable pregnancy.  It is not accurate for counting puppies although an estimate of litter size can normally be made.  See additional information on the link button above.   Telephone 01428 751125 or 07811038395 or email [email protected] for an appointment


Cost £40   (Discount available for bitches mated by our own dogs.)


Ultrasound examination to confirm completion of whelping and that all the puppies have been born can also be arranged.

Bunty 59 days moving cranial 2 from scanner Link button