We do not always have puppies available as we only breed once or twice a year and sometimes not at all.  However, we are sometimes able to supply contact details of people who have brought their bitches to us for mating.  We never accept bitches that have not had hips X-Rayed and eyes tested.  We also strongly encourage owners to have the bitch's elbows done.  We also occasionally know of people who have bitches, from our line, who have mated them to stud dogs where we know the owners take as much care with health testing as we do.  As a service to the public looking for a good puppy we list some e.mail contacts here.  Alternatively, you can contact us by e.mail (see welcome page) for telephone numbers.  Please do not just take our word as to the quality of the puppies but carry out your own enquiries and ensure the puppy is checked over by your vet within four days of purchase.  Using our DNA tested stud dogs ensures all these puppies will never develop any of the diseases the sire has been tested for


Please e.mail for more any information if not listed below



Diva's pups

We currently have no puppies for sale.