• Disposable whelping boxes £49.35

    The whelping box comes with a set of 3 puppy rails included in the prices shown. 40 inch X 40 inch £49.34 a 48 inch X 48 inch box is £54.00 Select fitted green backed fleece bedding to keep pups and bitch warm and dry as options. All prices include delivery

    The advice we give when selecting the correct size whelping box is to measure the bitch from the nose to base of tail add several inches for poles and free room and then go for the next size whelping box up from this measurement. (This is advice only and is ultimately down to the customer to select the correct size) The box comes with a further piece of wax lined cardboard to help prolong the life of the base of the whelping box. The box can be burn when the puppies leave at eight weeks of age. Remember order your box so your bitch has 2 weeks to become used to it before the due delivery date. Fleece bedding to fit either one or two pieces can be ordered at the same time. Two pieces are generally needed.

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