Gundog Training and Trainers UK

We run some training classes and one to one sessions here at Leospring and particularly like to help people who have little previous experience of training or gundog training.  


Well done to our some of our trainees and friends who have gained their first working awards over the last few years including:

Sarah Burnell and Jane Hunter both winning Novice Dog Novice Handler Tests and gaining awards in Novice tests.

Linda Saunders and Alison Scutcher gaining working test awards

KC Working Gundog Certificate Dave Spratt, Andy Cole, Jenny King, Anne Stocks, Alison Scutcher and Viv Bowen

Show Gundog Working Certificate Alison Scutcher, Jenny King and Viv Bowen


There are also lots of gundog and breed clubs who run training classes.  Contact the Kennel Club (see links page) for a club in your area.  We positively encourage people, once they have basic training in place, to experience a wider range of trainers so they can work out what suits them and their dogs.


For owners with show bred dogs who want to train and learn some gundog training, sadly, it is sometimes difficult to find a sympathetic trainer as many of them only have experience with "working" bred dogs.  We keep a list of trainers, recommended by show dog owners, who have proved sympathetic and helpful and are willing to help show gundog owners without simply, for example, complaining that the dog is too fat or too slow.  e.mail us for the list stating the area of country you live in.


If you are a gundog trainer who is happy to help show gundog owners please e.mail us and let us know if we can.

a) release your details on the web site


b) release your details by individual request.


Trainers who have given permission for their name to be on the site.

Mark Toublic  Wickford Essex 01268 560681


Steve Ashby 16 Brook Close Plympton PL7 1JR 01752 331412

 Mob. 07890657803

Steve is also a A panel Field Trial Judge



Its all about team work and communication!




Int Club 08 143